A Level – Computer Science – AQA


Teaching from: September 2015
Exams from: June 2016 (AS), June 2017 (A-level)
QAN code: AS: 601/4699/0, A-level: 601/4569/9


GCE – A Level – Computer Science – AQA – 7517

The next cohort will begin in September 2024.

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Specification code: 7517
Qualification number: 
This qualification is available in English only
First teaching: 2015

Introduction to Computer Systems

Components of a Computer System

Input-Process-Output Model (I/O)

Storage Devices and Media

Operating Systems

Utility Software

Binary Representation

Binary and Decimal Conversion

Binary Arithmetic

Hexadecimal Representation

Binary Coded Character Sets (ASCII, Unicode)

Boolean Algebra

Logic Gates and Truth Tables

Boolean Expressions

Simplification of Boolean Expressions

De Morgan’s Laws

Data Representation

Number Systems

Two’s Complement Representation

Floating Point Representation

Images, Sound, and Compression

Computer Architecture

The Von Neumann Architecture

Processor and Control Unit

Memory Hierarchy

Cache Memory

Assembly Language Programming

Introduction to Assembly Language

Addressing Modes

Assembly Language Instructions

Programming Techniques

High-Level Programming

Programming Paradigms (Imperative, Declarative)

Variables and Data Types

Control Structures (Selection, Iteration)

Functions and Procedures

Arrays and Lists

System Software

Compilers and Interpreters

Linkers and Loaders

Operating System Functions


Relational Databases and SQL

Entity-Relationship Diagrams


Database Transactions

Computer Networks

Introduction to Networking

Types of Networks (LAN, WAN)

Internet Protocols (TCP/IP)

Network Security

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Client-Server Model

Web Development Frameworks

Responsive Web Design


Threats and Attacks

Encryption and Cryptography

Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems

Security Policies and Procedures

Ethical, Legal, and Cultural Issues

Computer Misuse Act

Intellectual Property

Data Protection Act

Social and Ethical Considerations in Computing

Project Management

Project Planning and Scheduling

Risk Management

Quality Assurance

Documentation and Reporting

Software Development Methodologies

Waterfall Model

Agile Development


Spiral Model

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to AI

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Ethical Issues in AI

Computational Thinking


Algorithms and Flowcharts

Abstraction and Decomposition

Pattern Recognition

Quantum Computing

Introduction to Quantum Computing

Qubits and Quantum Gates

Quantum Algorithms

Future Implications

Final Project Preparation

Guidance on selecting and planning a final project.

Discussion on project requirements, timelines, and deliverables.


Formative assessments throughout each lesson to check understanding.

Summative assessments at the end of each module, including quizzes, practical programming assignments, and written exams.

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