A Level – Computer Science – OCR – NEA



GCE – A Level – Computer Science – OCR – NEA

The next cohort will begin inĀ September 2024.

Applications are now open!


Learners will analyse, design, develop, test, evaluate, and document a program written in a suitable programming language.

The project aims to apply computational thinking principles to a practical coding problem, following an agile development approach.

Analysis of the Problem

Identify features that make the problem solvable by computational methods.

Explain why the problem is amenable to a computational approach.

Describe stakeholders and their needs.

Research suitable approaches and justify choices.

Specify solution requirements and success criteria.

Design of the Solution

Decompose the problem into smaller parts.

Describe the solution structure, algorithms, usability features, and key variables/data structures.

Explain the testing approach.

Developing the Solution

Provide annotated evidence of iterative development stages and prototype solutions.

Justify testing decisions and any remedial actions.


Test solution robustness and usability.

Evaluate against success criteria.

Describe the final product.

Discuss maintainability and potential further development.



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