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AS Level Computer Science – Eduqas

The AS Level Computer Science curriculum offered by Eduqas typically covers fundamental concepts in computer science, programming, and computational thinking. Here’s an overview of the topics commonly included:

Fundamentals of Algorithms and Problem Solving:

– Understanding algorithms and their characteristics.
– Analysing and evaluating algorithms.
– Problem-solving techniques and strategies.

Programming Concepts:

– Introduction to programming languages such as Python, Java, or another suitable language.
– Variables, data types, and operators.
– Control structures: selection, iteration, and recursion.
– Subroutines and functions.
– Arrays, lists, and other data structures.

Data Representation:

– Binary, hexadecimal, and other number systems.
– Representation of integers, characters, and images in binary.
– Data compression techniques.
– ASCII and Unicode encoding.

Computer Architecture and Components:

– Von Neumann architecture.
– CPU, memory, and storage devices.
– Input and output devices.
– Basic understanding of how computers execute instructions.

Communication and Networking:

– Introduction to computer networks.
– Networking protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.).
– Internet structure and services.


– Introduction to database concepts.
– Relational databases and SQL queries.
– Database management systems.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):

– Phases of software development: analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.
– Software development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, etc.).

Legal, Ethical, Cultural, and Environmental Concerns:

– Intellectual property rights.
– Data protection and privacy.
– Social and ethical considerations in computing.

Impact of Computing:

– Societal impacts of computing technologies.
– Environmental impacts of computing.
– Future trends and developments in computing.

Problem-solving and Programming Skills:

– Developing algorithms to solve problems.
– Writing, testing, and debugging programs.
– Using appropriate data structures and algorithms to solve problems efficiently.

Assessment in AS Level Computer Science often includes written examinations, programming tasks, and practical exercises to assess both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Additionally, students may be required to complete coursework or projects demonstrating their understanding and application of computer science concepts.


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