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AS Level in Computer Science by WJEC

Programming Fundamentals

Variables and data types
Operators and expressions
Control structures (loops, conditionals)
Procedures and functions

Algorithms and Problem Solving

Algorithm design techniques (e.g., iteration, recursion, divide and conquer)
Searching and sorting algorithms
Complexity analysis (big O notation)

Data Structures

Arrays and lists
Stacks, queues, and linked lists
Trees and graphs
Hash tables and dictionaries

Computer Systems

Computer architecture (CPU, memory, I/O devices)
Machine-level representation of data (binary, hexadecimal)
Operating systems concepts (processes, memory management, file systems)

Networking and Communication

Basics of computer networks
Network protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP)
Client-server architecture
Internet security and encryption


Relational database concepts (tables, queries, SQL)
Database management systems (DBMS)
Normalisation and database design

Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues

Intellectual property rights
Data privacy and protection
Social implications of technology

Software Development

Software development life cycle
Object-oriented programming concepts
Software testing and debugging techniques

Human-Computer Interaction

User interface design principles
Accessibility considerations
Usability testing

Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cloud computing
Virtual and augmented reality

These topics provide a comprehensive overview of the field of computer science and are typically covered in AS-level courses to provide students with a strong foundation for further study or entry into the workforce.


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