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GCE – AS Level – Computer Science – OCR – H046

Specification code: H046
Qualification number: 601/5030/0
This qualification is available in English only
First assessment 2016

Introduction to Computer Systems

Overview of contemporary processors, input devices, output devices, and storage devices.
Discussion on the role of each component in computer systems.

Types of Software

Differentiating between system software, application software, and programming languages.
Introduction to software development methodologies.

Data Exchange and Interoperability

Understanding protocols and standards for data exchange.
Exploring data serialisation techniques for interoperability.

Data Types and Structures

Introduction to fundamental data types in programming languages.
Exploration of data structures such as arrays, linked lists, and stacks.

Introduction to Algorithms

Defining algorithms and their role in problem-solving.
Discussion on algorithmic complexity and efficiency.

Legal, Moral, and Ethical Issues in Computing

Examination of legal and ethical considerations in computer use.
Discussion on cultural and societal impacts of computing technologies.

Computational Thinking

Introduction to computational thinking principles: abstraction, decomposition, pattern recognition, and algorithmic design.
Practical exercises in applying computational thinking to problem-solving.

Problem-Solving Strategies

Exploring problem-solving strategies such as trial and error, divide and conquer, and greedy algorithms.
Application of problem-solving techniques to real-world scenarios.

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++.
Basics of syntax, variables, data types, and control structures.

Writing and Debugging Code

Practice sessions on writing and debugging code.
Strategies for identifying and resolving common programming errors.

Advanced-Data Structures

In-depth study of advanced data structures such as trees and graphs.
Analysis of algorithms for tree traversal, graph traversal, and shortest path finding.

Final Project Preparation

Guidance on selecting and planning a final project.
Discussion on project requirements, timelines, and deliverables.


Formative assessments throughout each lesson to check understanding.
Summative assessments at the end of each module, including quizzes, practical programming assignments, and written exams.


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