Computer Science – Primary Certificate




Computer Science – Primary Certificate

The Computer Science – Primary Certificate curriculum is designed to empower primary educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively teach computing concepts to young learners.

Whether you’re a subject leader or a classroom teacher, this curriculum equips you with the tools to inspire and engage students in the exciting world of computer science.


The curriculum offers two distinct pathways

Specialising or Leading (Subject Leaders)

For educators taking on a subject leadership role or specialising in computing.
Focuses on building expertise to effectively lead computing education in primary schools.
Ideal for those who want to champion computer science within their school community.

Developing in the Classroom (Classroom Teachers)

Designed for classroom teachers seeking to enhance their understanding of primary computing.
Provides practical strategies and resources for delivering engaging computing lessons.
Helps teachers create a positive learning experience for their students.
Curriculum Components


The curriculum consists of the following components

Online modules

Engage with interactive online modules covering essential topics in primary computing.
Learn about algorithms, programming, computational thinking, and more.
Explore best practices for teaching computer science concepts.

Enrichment Activities

Participate in hands-on activities and collaborative projects.
Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.
Foster creativity and problem-solving skills.

Community Engagement

Join a vibrant community of educators passionate about computer science.
Share ideas, resources, and success stories.
Collaborate with peers to enhance your teaching practice.


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