Computer Science – Secondary Certificate




Computer Science – Secondary Certificate

The Computer Science – Secondary Certificate Curriculum will equip you with the foundational principles and practical skills necessary for a successful journey in computer science.

The curriculum offers two distinct pathways:

Foundations of Computer Science (Key Stage 3)

Designed for students in Key Stage 3 (ages 11–14).

Focuses on fundamental concepts, computational thinking, and digital literacy.

Provides a broad understanding of computer science principles.


GCSE Computer Science Preparation (Key Stage 4)

Tailored for teachers preparing to teach GCSE Computer Science.

Dives deeper into programming, algorithms, and data representation.

Prepares students for the GCSE curriculum.


Curriculum Components

Foundations of Computer Science (Key Stage 3)

Introduction to Computing Concepts

Understand algorithms, abstraction, and logic.

Explore how digital systems work.

Learn about data representation.


Programming Basics

Write and debug simple programs.

Use logical reasoning to predict program behaviour.

Create and manipulate digital content.


Digital Literacy and Safety

Navigate technology safely and respectfully.

Protect personal information online.

Seek help when needed.


GCSE Computer Science Preparation (Key Stage 4)

Advanced Programming

Design, write, and debug more complex programs.

Explore control structures, functions, and data types.


Algorithms and Problem Solving

Decompose problems into smaller parts.

Apply computational thinking to real-world scenarios.

Data Handling and Representation

Understand databases, file formats, and data structures.

Learn about binary representation.

Preparation for GCSE

Familiarise students with GCSE Computer Science content.

Strengthen subject knowledge.




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