Computer Science – Sixth Form Certificate



Computer Science – Sixth Form Certificate

The Computer Science – Sixth Form Certificate Curriculum focuses on developing students who can apply theoretical knowledge to practical tasks, design high-quality programs, understand their societal impact, and relate course material to industry practices.

Whether students aspire to become software developers, data analysts, or technology innovators, this curriculum provides a solid foundation.

Curriculum Components

Coding Projects

Students engage in a series of coding projects that build upon A-Level theory. Key topics include:

Visual Basic: Introduces procedural-oriented programming (POP) concepts.

Binary Mathematics: Students automate binary math problems using subroutines, functions, arrays, and string manipulation.

2-Dimensional Arrays: Design and develop a human vs. computer battleship game.

Industry-Relevant Skills

Most learning occurs through practical projects. Students gain experience in:

Project Management: Planning and executing coding projects.

Teamwork: Collaborating effectively.

Report Writing: Communicating findings and solutions.

Industry-Standard Tools: Using tools commonly used in the field.

Theoretical Foundations

Students explore fundamental concepts such as:

Computer Architecture

Big-O Notation

Graph and Optimisation Algorithms

Limits of Computation

Exam Preparation

As the curriculum progresses, students prepare for final exams. Topics include:

Computer Architecture

Big-O Notation

Graph and Optimisation Algorithms



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