Unity Creative Core



Unity Creative Core course


Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with Unity, this course will guide you through the creative process of game development and provide you with the tools and techniques to build immersive and engaging experiences.

Master the Unity Interface and Workflow

– Get familiar with the Unity interface, tools, and workflows for creating games.
– Learn how to navigate the Unity Editor and utilize its features efficiently.

Understand Game Development Fundamentals

– Explore the core concepts of game development, including game design principles, asset creation, and game mechanics.
– Learn how to plan and structure game projects effectively.

Create 2D and 3D Game Worlds

– Gain hands-on experience in creating both 2D and 3D game environments using Unity’s powerful tools.
– Learn about scene composition, level design, and asset integration.

Implement Gameplay Mechanics and Interactivity

– Learn how to add gameplay mechanics, player controls, and interactions to your games.
– Explore scripting in Unity using C# to bring your games to life.

Polish and Optimise Your Games

– Learn techniques for polishing and optimizing your games for performance and visual appeal.
– Understand the importance of playtesting and feedback in game development.

Course Delivery

– Interactive video tutorials and demonstrations led by experienced Unity developers
– Hands-on projects and exercises to reinforce learning
– Live coding sessions and walkthroughs of game development techniques
– Access to resources, assets, and community forums for ongoing support

Whether you’re interested in indie game development, virtual reality experiences, or interactive simulations, this course will provide you with a solid foundation to pursue your creative aspirations in the world of Unity game development.

Before you commit to this course

  • Download the free Unity for Students or Personal. For a step-by-step guidance, click here.
  • Check if Unity has installed Visual Studio Code automatically. If not, download Visual Studio Code FREE here
  • Check your broadband speed by clicking the link here


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