A Level – Computer Science – AQA – NEA



GCE – A Level – Computer Science – AQA – NEA

The next cohort will begin in September 2024.

Applications are now open!


Purpose of the Project

The project allows students to develop practical skills by solving a realistic problem or conducting an investigation.

It serves as both a learning experience and an assessment method.

Students work independently on a problem of interest, extending their programming skills and deepening their understanding of computer science.

Key Skill Assessment

The primary skill assessed is the student’s ability to create a programmed solution to a problem or investigation.

Marks are allocated: 42 for the technical solution and a smaller proportion for supporting documentation.

Types of Problems/Investigations

Students are encouraged to choose problems related to fields they know of.

No restrictions on problem types or development tools.

Examples include simulations, data processing solutions, optimization problems, computer games, AI applications, control systems, websites, apps, and more.

Avoiding Duplication

Students’ chosen problems should be sufficiently different within a centre to prevent overlap.

Teachers must record adherence to this guideline on the Candidate Record Form.

Project Documentation Structure


Documented Design

Technical Solution





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