GCSE – Digital Technology – WJEC



GCSE – Digital Technology – WJEC

The next cohort will begin in September 2024.

Applications are now open!


The WJEC GCSE in Digital Technology covers a range of topics that provide students with a solid foundation in digital skills and knowledge.

Digital Technology Systems

Understanding the components and functions of different digital systems.

Value of Digital Technology

Exploring how digital technology impacts society and businesses.

Perspectives on Digital Technology

Considering ethical, legal, and environmental concerns related to technology.

Data Analysis

Using spreadsheets to analyse and interpret data.

Website Development

Creating a website with relevant content, which may include an animation or a game.


Applying computational thinking to solve problems encountered in digital practices.

Digital Assets Creation

Designing and creating digital content for specific purposes.

Social Media Campaigns

Developing and executing a digital communications campaign using social media platforms.

Marketing Strategies

Understanding the principles of marketing in the context of digital technologies.

These topics are designed to be engaging and relevant, providing students with practical skills that can be applied in real-world scenarios.

The specification encourages creativity and innovation, allowing students to explore the digital world in depth.

For the most detailed and up-to-date information, it’s best to refer to the official WJEC documentation or their website.

There, you can find the full specification, past papers, mark schemes, and additional resources to aid in teaching and learning.



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