Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)



Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)

QTLS is a Professional Status recognised in the Further Education and Skills sector.

It is gained after completing a six-month period of Professional Formation.

QTLS is maintained through membership with the Society for Education and Training (SET).

Eligibility Criteria

To undertake Professional Formation leading to QTLS status, you must:

Be an active member of SET.

Hold an eligible FE and Training teaching qualification at Level 5 or above.

Hold an eligible Level 2 math qualification.

Professional Formation Process

Application (August-December)

Submit an application confirming your suitability to begin Professional Formation.

Gather necessary information, including certificates, a teaching timetable, and an endorsement from a supporter.

Professional Formation Journey (January-August)

Undertake self-guided development in six sections:


Professional Development Plan

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Record

Critical reflection on the impact

Final action plan

Final supporting statement submission

Benefits of QTLS

Demonstrates expertise and commitment to excellence.

Adds you to the professional register for future employers to verify your status.

Over 26,000 professionals have achieved QTLS since its introduction in 2008.

Is QTLS Right for You?

Are you a teacher or trainer in the Further Education and Skills sector?

Have you completed your initial teacher training?

If yes, explore QTLS—it could be for you!


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